Monday, July 1, 2013

The ?Green? iPhone 5S Looks Like This ? Photo

A new ?iPhone 5S? case is making the rounds showing what the device could look like in a vibrant shade of green, seemingly supporting rumors that Apple is expanding the color set of its iPhone range this year.

A lot of rumors are flying around saying Apple will actually go with plastic for the iPhone?s enclosure this year, and the leaks are so abundant that it almost seems a given.

Which makes it at least noteworthy that a new plastic iPhone case has surfaced in photos showing not only how the iPhone 5S might look in green, but also how the components could be arranged inside. To see the inside of the case, click on the image above.

French site is unsure whether the photos they?ve received are genuine, and I?m just as skeptical. Common sense tells you this may well be a shell for an iPhone clone. The Chinese are famous for that.


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