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NRC On Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant - Business Insider

A nuclear power plant in Oyster Creek, NJ was upgraded to the 'Alert' action level earlier tonight by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The BBC spoke with Neil Sheehan at the NRC to ask about the Alert and clear some things up.

His message: don't freak out.

Here's what he had to say ? from the BBC (emphasis ours):

A nuclear "alert" may sound scary, but Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan tells the BBC there's no reason to "freak out". The alert was issued because water in the pumps' intake structure passed(4.5ft), but they still operate in up to 7ft. Even if the water rises that high, the plant can turn to a backup method to cool spent fuel rods. Because the plant has been shut down for a week for scheduled maintenance, there's also much less to be cooled. And if things get really bad, they could shut off the reactor all together - though Sheehan says there's no reason to do so yet.


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I received my M Folks catalog - Atv Classifieds

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We CAN! promote our books: Tips from the Pros: Tracy Higley

?My first book came out in 2002, and my tenth novel releases in March of 2013. Garden of Madness?came out last May, and Isle of Shadows, an updated version of a previous title, releases next month.?

Writers' conferences were the best thing for me. I went to a smaller, more local conference first and received great feedback and encouragement to go to a larger conference the following year. At that conference I met an agent who wanted to represent me and sell my first book soon after.

What has helped you promote your books the most??

Having a website with lots of content that readers find interesting has been a great promotional tool. I travel quite a bit while researching my novels set all around the Mediterranean, and I've used my website to showcase travel journals, photos, videos, and more. I also make sure to make the most of my web visitors by giving them reasons and incentives to sign up for my mailing list. And then I'm sure to follow up with them about new releases, book news, etc.?

What mistakes or wrong assumptions did you make with the marketing of your first book? Did those mistakes cause you to change? If so, how??

?Book marketing has been a learning experience all along the way. I would say that my biggest mistake at times has been thinking I could "do it all." I used to feel pressure to take on every new marketing idea I heard about, all the ideas that seemed to be working for others. I've learned that there are always more ideas and never enough time to do them all. Choosing the best ideas for me, the promotional tools that I"m comfortable with and even passionate about, is the best way to weed out all the conflicting advice, pressure, and chaos.

What's the craziest promotional gimmick you've tried?

I once wrapped up large bars of chocolate with specialty-printed labels and send them around the country to bookstore owners. Too late, it occurred to me that August probably wasn't the best month to send chocolate by mail.

That's hilarious. The last answer may qualify, but what's the funniest thing you've experienced during a promotional activity?

?Hmmm. . . just a few weeks ago I nearly got kicked off the Acropolis Hill in Athens. I was standing in front of the Parthenon, getting my picture taken with oversized postcards printed with messages to a few dozen specially chosen readers. Just then, a woman who (apparently?) worked at the landmark heartily scolded me, told me there could be no pictures with "objects," then stood there and made me show her every picture on my camera so she could be sure I deleted them all. I felt like a criminal!?

I'm glad you're not answering these questions from a Grecian jail cell! Is there something you did that really helped with marketing your books?

I think the best thing a writer can do is partner fully with his/her publisher in the promotion of the book. When publishers see that you're excited, all-in, have creative ideas, and are willing to work hard, they get excited, too. That way, they're more willing to get behind you with their own efforts, which are often the more effective ones anyway.?

That makes so much sense. Did you see God open any doors you never expected in the promotion of your books?

When I first stared writing historicals, my desire to travel to the sites of my books came from a longing to make the books the best they could be. I wanted to really understand ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Israel, and Persia. But along the way, the travel I've done has become part of my brand and has helped promote my books all on its own. That was an unexpected bonus, and it's been very cool.?

Now that you've been writing for a while, what do you find works best for you in promoting your work and why?

I've mentioned my website, but I'll say it again. My primary strategy: build a website with lots of fascinating content, include a note to readers in the back of every book that gives them a reason to visit, engage with them and capture their contact info while they're there, and then follow up with repeated contact to keep them excited about the next book and promoting my books to their friends.

I visited your website, and it's clear you practice what you preach.?What are your top tips for writers with their first book contract?

All the book promotion in the world isn't going to help you be successful if your books don't connect with people. Focus primarily on writing an excellent book that impacts other people's lives. Then,?once you've got a book worth talking about, make it easy for your fans to spread the word.

Wow, Tracy, these are some fantastic tips. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts, and congratulations on your upcoming release!??


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Could Third World Debt Relief Pay Off? | Business Guide Newspaper

IMF boss, Christine Lagarde

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there are 156 economies that could be considered ?developing.?

Calling a country ?developed? as opposed to ?developing? is a charged topic: no one wants to be told that they aren?t as good as someone else. Being a developing country, however, doesn?t mean that the country is some backwater nation. Quite the contrary; many developing nations are sitting on veritable goldmines of natural resources and with investments in modernizing the economy, these nations could see rapid growth in GDP.

Getting Funds from the Kitty

Countries seeking to modernize their economies face a daunting task. The projects that will push their economies forward ? infrastructure, education, healthcare ? don?t come cheap. For example, China?s Three Gorges Dam cost an estimated US$26 billion. Building roads to shuttle products and people around requires materials and engineering expertise; hospitals require expensive electronics.

Developing countries often cannot afford to take on these projects without having to significantly sacrifice spending on other priorities.

There are several ways that developing countries can obtain funds from outside their borders. They can get direct loans from other countries through funding provided by private companies or through loans provided by international lending organizations. Obtaining loans from private lenders is a difficult proposition for the poorest of countries since they tend to be economically and politically riskier.

A significant amount of developing debt comes from organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which pool funds from multiple countries and use their financial clout (and good credit ratings) to obtain low interest rates.

The World Bank lends funds to countries based upon their Gross National Income (GNI). The poorest countries ? those with per capita income of less than $1,195 ? borrow from the International Development Agency (IDA) because they lack the ability to borrow from the World Bank?s other fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

The IDA charges little or no interest on the funds it lends out, typically allows repayments over longer-than-normal periods of time and also provides grants to countries in extreme financial distress. The amount of annual funds committed by the IDA ? approximately $15 billion per year ? is on par with the amount provided by the IBRD.

How Much Debt Are We Talking About?

The World Bank estimates that developing countries owed $4 trillion dollars in external debt as of the close of 2010.

That number seems huge, but when compared to the debt owed by developed countries, it?s fairly small. The United States and the European Union owe more than $25 trillion between the two of them.

Bleeding hearts and boisterous world leaders lament the oppressive burden that external debt (and the rules that often accompany it) has on developing countries.

The evidence points to the opposite, however; debt forgiveness already exists. Debt is as much a political tool as an economic one. Leaders of developing nations, just as leaders of developed nations, want to keep their populations happy (at least happy enough to not cause trouble), and it?s much easier to wag a menacing finger at foreign debt holders than it is to fess up to years of profligacy.

The World Bank, for example, operates both the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative and a Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI).

The MDRI was a 2005 pledge by G8 countries to cancel the IDA debt of countries that have gone through the MDRI program. The total pledge was $37 billion to an initial set of 19 countries, most of which are located in Africa. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Africa Development Fund (ADF) kicked in funds as well, bringing the total to $50 billion.

So what about wholesale debt forgiveness? What if the developed world and the financing institutions they run offer everyone a clean slate? It would be a disaster. It?s one thing to offer the most struggling countries debt forgiveness: it?s a small number of countries, it?s a comparatively low amount of funds and it makes much more sense developmentally (a country in political and economic chaos could cause a humanitarian disaster at home and potentially spark lots of problems for its neighbors). It?s a totally different thing to wipe the debt clean for 156 countries that the IMF considers to be ?developing.?

Lending countries could feel less inclined to shell out development money in the future, since there would be a precedent for not getting paid back. Debtor countries could balk at future commitments because they were allowed to start from scratch once before. The signals would be perverse. Additionally, while developing countries are net debtors ? they often owe more to others than they are owed by others ? many developed countries are owed money by others. If the money they are owed is suddenly wiped clean, then there would be multi-billion-dollar holes in countries? finances.

Next Time Will Be Different

The key to not getting into the debt forgiveness quagmire is to lend smart. Just as many individuals had lived beyond their means leading up to the financial maelstrom of the 2000s, so too did developing countries spend too much. The first taste of debt trouble came from the 1970s and 1980s, on the back of global commodity demand. Countries borrowed huge sums after finding natural resource bonanzas and crowded out private development. When commodity prices tumbled, those developing countries faced steep debt payments and had no funds with which to pay them. This was not totally the fault of debtors, as donors also provided expert advice that wound up not working out.

?Lending smart? entails injecting funds to develop industries outside of commodities, and to do so at a pace that won?t cause a shock if the means to repay the loans falls short. After all, not all countries that receive developmental aid fall short of repayment. Some of the biggest success stories include China, Singapore, South Korea and India, all of which used funds to diversify away from reliance on volatile commodity exports. You?d be hard pressed to find a world leader who wouldn?t want to be at the helm when a country makes the jump into a modern economic juggernaut.


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How to supplement your child's education ? My Blog

Even if our children attend best private or public school, their?education?is greatly affected by how we as parents approach it. ?Even if we help them with their homework assignment, school projects, sometimes that is not enough. ?What happens during holiday breaks, vacations, our kids seem to forget a great deal of what they have learned. ?What if you simply just like to add?additional?work to help them understand concepts, or you just like to add a program which your school is lacking.

For school breaks, summer vacations, and even weekends, our children have additional school work. ?Just 10?minutes a day spending on few extra math or word problem will greatly help your child. ?We also try to take the science concepts out of their textbooks and have hands on learning experience at home. ?With a positive attitude and approach your children will look?forward?to the extra work.

I have put together some of our favorite?resources?which have worked for us for many years.

1. Everything you never learned about birds by Rebecca Rupp ~ great?addition?to ?your child?s library.

2. 240 Vocabulary words 3rd grade kids need to know by Linda Ward Beech ~ There are additional workbooks for other grades by her.

3. The lego idea book by Daniel Lipcowitz ~ Great user friendly and inspirational guide for any building ability.

4. Weather by Rebecca Rupp ~ This is our most used weather reference book!

5. Emily Post?s The Gift of Good Manners by Peggy Post and Cindy Post Senning ~ When it ?comes to?etiquette?and good manners, this is something that is greatly lacking in our society?now days. ?This great?resource?book covers children from toddlers to teens.

6. Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie and Charles E.Roth ~ This is our most used reference guide for nature journal keeping.

7. ScienceWiz Chemistry Kit ~ This is one of our favorites. ?Science kits offer?hands on?science learning at home.

8. Decimals & Fractions by Kumon ~ Kumon workbooks for math are our favorite. ?There are additional workbooks for other grade levels.

9.?Cheese?making kit ~ Another great product that can help your children visualize biology and chemistry, and the best part is that you can eat it too!

10. Antworks antfarm by fascinations ~ The Antworks antfarm is by far the best antfarm available! ?Our whole family enjoys watching ants tunneling. ?You can also paired this up with Keeping Nature Journal, and have your children record, doodle, their observations!

11. The Complete Home Learning Source Book by Rebecca Rupp ~ This is our most used?resource?book covering all subjects and grades.

12. ?The butterfly garden by Insect Lore ~ In spring and summer we hatch and raise?butterflies. ?This is also something that you can pair up with Keeping Nature Journal and record observations. ?Great hands on science learning activity for the whole family!

Hope you have found our home education guide useful, and feel free to share your favorite?supplemental?education?resources?for kids!




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Lithuania at risk of political stalemate after election

VILNIUS (Reuters) - Lithuania's president vetoed plans on Monday by three opposition parties to form a government after a weekend election, saying claims of vote buying and tax fraud made one of them unfit to rule.

Voters turned against Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius' austerity-minded administration on Sunday, in a warning for other European governments pushing through tough budgets.

That put an alliance of the opposition Social Democratic Party, the Labor Party and the party of an impeached former president in prime position to succeed him.

But President Dalia Grybauskaite, a former EU budget commissioner who is popular with the electorate, refused to accept the Labor Party, which faces allegations of buying votes during the two rounds of balloting.

"A party which is suspected of gross violations in the election, which is suspected of false accounting and non-transparent activities cannot participate in the government's formation," Grybauskaite told a news conference.

The three opposition parties had said they would ease the pain of Kubilius' harsh budget cuts, which have forced many Lithuanians to emigrate in search of work.

The parties would also remain fiscally responsible, an approach that economists view as inevitable given Lithuania's high borrowing needs.

But the decision by Grybauskaite, whose task it is to name a prime minister, throws their plans into doubt.

She said she would eventually probably name Social Democrat Party leader Algirdas Butkevicius as prime minister, but insisted Labor should not be in the coalition.

"I will give support only to that political party which can form a majority without the Labor Party, which is sitting on bench of the accused," referring to the ongoing trial.

That could throw a lifeline to Kubilius, who has said he would not necessarily be against forming a rainbow coalition with Butkevicius.

Butkevicius, a former finance minister whose party will be biggest in parliament, told reporters he could not say now whether the Labor Party would be in his government or not.

If he wanted to avoid conflict with the president, he said he could form another coalition, or go into opposition.

He earlier told Reuters he aimed to take Lithania to the euro zone in 2015.


The president said police were investigating 27 election irregularities, of which 18 were alleged vote buying, with the Labor Party allegedly involved in most of them.

The party's leader Viktor Uspaskich is also on trial for alleged tax fraud at his party from 2004-2006, which he denies. The party increased its seats in parliament to 29 from 10.

"We call our state a democratic state, ruled by law," Uspaskich said on public television.

"The principle of the presumption of innocence must be kept to. The will of the people must not be spat upon," he added.

Kubilius won praise abroad for slashing the budget deficit after a brutal economic crisis four years ago.

The economy has returned to growth, and rose a faster-than-expected 4.4 percent in the third quarter.

But the outgoing premier saw his popularity slide at home as wages fell, unemployment rose and tens of thousands of people left the small Baltic country in search of work.

The opposition parties have said they would aim to increase the minimum wage, make the tax system fairer and boost investment.

Economists say a new government will have little room to ease back on the austerity as Lithuania needs to retain the confidence of debt markets.

The country needs to raise 7.6 billion litas ($2.85 billion) in 2013, about 6.5 percent of projected gross domestic product.

Butkevicius has said he would stick to the outgoing government's 2013 budget deficit target.

(Reporting by Patrick Lannin; Editing by John Stonestreet)


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Bills' DE Williams upbeat after wrist surgery

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) ? The surgery Mario Williams had to fix his sprained left wrist appears to have also done plenty in repairing the Buffalo Bills' high-priced defensive end's self-confidence.

Williams was in an upbeat mood Monday in discussing how much better he felt physically and mentally after rejoining the Bills following the team's bye week off, and six days after having arthroscopic surgery in Alabama.

"Nobody wants me to do better than me. So definitely, with this procedure, it's definitely given me a lot of hope and a different mindset," he said. "I feel like I was stagnant. That's why I'm very excited to have been able to go clean it out and being optimistic about things."

And that includes the NFL's highest-paid defensive player declaring himself ready to play on Sunday, when the Bills (3-4) travel to play the Houston Texans (6-1), Williams' former team.

"Oh, I'm definitely, definitely (playing). I'm not missing anything," he said. "It uplifts me tremendously. ... I'm definitely excited. This is a great week."

Williams returned to Buffalo on Sunday, when he visited the team's facility for treatment.

He was held out of practice on Monday with coach Chan Gailey saying the plan is for Williams to be back on the field for Wednesday's session.

"I talked to him, and he sounded very encouraged," Gailey said. "Hopefully, he doesn't miss a beat."

The injury had nagged Williams since he was hurt in the final week of the preseason in what he called "a little freak deal." Williams said the initial prognosis was for the injury to take four to six weeks to heal.

When it became apparent his wrist wasn't getting any better, Williams said he elected to have surgery after consulting with the team's training staff, and after being assured he shouldn't miss any playing time.

Though feeling a little discomfort where the doctor made two incisions, Williams called the operation a success because he's already noticed an increased range of motion in his wrist. He'll continue to wear a protective cast during games, but Williams believes the surgery will make it easier to use his hands to shed blockers.

He added that the injury was also limiting his ability to lift weights and maintain his upper body strength, something he also relies upon as a pass-rusher.

"I'm a hands-on person, and everything I do is with my hands and working out," he said. "And not being able to do that, mentally, has just been frustrating."

Selected first overall by Houston in the 2006 draft, Williams had 53 career sacks in six seasons to set the Texans franchise record. Three days into free agency in March, signed a six-year, $100 million contract with Buffalo.

A two-time Pro Bowl selection, Williams has managed just 3 1/2 sacks and become the target of much of the blame for the Bills' defensive woes this season. Buffalo ranks 31st in the NFL in yards allowed and last against the run. That includes a four-game stretch in which the Bills have gone 1-3 and allowed 937 yards rushing.

Following a 35-34 loss to Tennessee on Oct. 21, veteran defensive end Chris Kelsay went public with his frustrations by questioning his teammates for taking plays off.

Williams acknowledged he's played below his own expectations.

"The biggest thing for me is that I know there's definitely a lot more pays that I have to get done," Williams said. "I feel great about the possibility of finally being able to get to do things I didn't do from the very beginning of the season. And I look forward to it."

Kelsay was encouraged to hear Williams was feeling better.

"It'll be great for us. He's a heck of a player," Kelsay said. "It's good that he was able to take advantage of the bye and get healthy. So we're all looking forward to that."


NOTES: Gailey anticipates OL Chad Rinehart (left ankle) will be placed on season-ending injured reserve this week with rookie CB Ron Brooks filling the open roster spot. Brooks is eligible to return after opening the season on the IR/Designated for Return list after breaking his right foot during the preseason. ... The Bills could be down a CB after veteran Terrence McGee aggravated a knee injury against the Titans. ... Starting RG Kraig Urbik is expected to return after missing three games with a sprained right ankle.


Online: and


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How to encourage innovation | ***** - - Typepad

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Hurricane Sandy grounds thousands of flights

Passengers wait for their flight at at LaGuardia airport, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 in New York. Tens of thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate coastal areas Sunday as big cities and small towns across the Northeast buttoned up against the onslaught of a superstorm (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Passengers wait for their flight at at LaGuardia airport, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 in New York. Tens of thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate coastal areas Sunday as big cities and small towns across the Northeast buttoned up against the onslaught of a superstorm (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

(AP) ? Hurricane Sandy grounded thousands of flights in the U.S. northeast Monday and upended travel plans across the globe, stranding passengers from Hong Kong to Europe. The massive storm threatens to bring a near halt to air travel for at least two days in a key region for both domestic and international flights.

Major carriers such as American Airlines, United and Delta cancelled all flights into and out of three area airports in New York, the nation's busiest airspace. According to the flight-tracking service FlightAware, nearly 10,000 flights had been canceled for Monday and Tuesday, almost all related to the storm.

The cancellations have already surpassed those from last year's damaging Hurricane Irene. They're now on par with a major winter storm in early 2011. Back then, 14,000 flights were scrapped over four days.

Delays rippled across the U.S., affecting travelers in cities such as San Francisco to Chicago. Disruptions spread to Europe and Asia, where airlines canceled or delayed flights to New York and Washington from cities that are major travel hubs including London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

About one-quarter of all U.S. flights travel in or out of New York airports each day. So cancellations here can dramatically impact travel in other cities.

Businessman Alan Shrem was trying to return home to Boca Raton, Fla. His Monday morning Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to New York's Kennedy airport was canceled.

He learned he could be stuck in Hong Kong for nearly a week because the next available seat was Nov. 4. He was put on a waiting list for seats that could become available earlier.

"They just say: Yeah, it's a pretty big waiting list," said Shrem, throwing up his hands. In the meantime, he'll have to fork out $400 a night to continue staying at a nearby hotel. The airline won't pay for accommodation for stranded passengers if delays are weather related.

By early afternoon, the storm had strengthened to 90 mph and had already knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. Sandy was 110 miles southeast of Atlantic City, N.J., and had turned toward the west, as forecasters feared. Sandy is on track to collide with a wintry storm moving in from the west and cold air streaming down from the Arctic.

Airports in the metropolitan New York City area are open, but air carriers are not operating.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said Monday that travelers shouldn't even try to go to Kennedy, Newark Liberty, LaGuardia and Stewart airports.

Angela Gittens, director general of the Airports Council International who was the aviation director at Miami International Airport Dade during several hurricanes from 2001 to 2004, said even if storm damage is minor it could be a week before operations are normal at major East Coast airports.

"The storm has such a wide swath and so many major airports are involved that it's going to take some time (to recover) because those airplanes are so far away," Gittens said.

JetBlue Airways Corp. expects its cancellations from Sunday through Tuesday to total about 1,200. The airline has hubs at Kennedy airport and Boston's Logan. Rob Maruster, the company's chief operating officer, hopes flights can resume in New York on Wednesday morning. But he's worried about flooding of JFK's runways since they are all basically at sea level and near bodies of water.

Delta Air Lines Inc. has canceled 2,100 flights over the three days. American Airlines has scrapped 1,000 flights, including 260 on regional affiliate American Eagle.

It's still too early to assess the impact on airline's bottom lines. Many of the customers on flights currently being cancelled will reschedule later on, so the airline will still collect the fare. But the cost of parking planes for days, along with potential damage, will undoubtedly cost airlines millions.

International travelers could wait days to get to the East Coast of the U.S. All flights from Paris to Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington ? a total of 14 ? were canceled.

Frankfurt airport canceled 12 flights, with German carrier Lufthansa scrapping three to the Northeast and one out of Newark. British Airways had to cancel all its flights to and from New York, Newark, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia ? a total of 20.

Eight flights out of Tokyo's Narita International Airport to New York, Newark and Washington were canceled Monday.

Hong Kong's Cathay canceled its two daily flights to New York for Monday and Tuesday and Air India said its daily flights to Newark and JFK had halted since Sunday.

South Korean flag carrier Korean Air delayed a flight scheduled to leave Incheon International Airport for JFK on Monday by 22 hours. Asiana Airlines delayed its JFK flight from Seoul by 26 hours.


Kelvin Chan in Hong Kong, Lori Hinnant in Paris, Danica Kirka in London, David Rising in Berlin and David Koenig in Dallas contributed to this report.

Associated Press


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

United wins at Chelsea in EPL after 10-year wait


AP Sports Writer

Associated Press Sports

updated 2:46 p.m. ET Oct. 28, 2012

LONDON (AP) -Substitute Javier Hernandez ended Manchester United's 10-year wait for a Premier League victory at Chelsea on Sunday, striking late to secure a 3-2 win after the hosts had two players sent off.

The Mexico striker scored in the 75th minute to inflict the league leaders' first loss of the season and put United just a point behind Chelsea.

United had thrown away a two-goal lead established inside 12 minutes. Robin van Persie saw his shot turned in by Chelsea defender David Luiz before getting on the scoresheet himself.

Chelsea fought back as Juan Mata curled in a free kick just before half time and Ramires headed in an equalizer eight minutes after the break.

Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic was sent off in the 63rd for bringing down Ashley Young, and striker Fernando Torres received a second booking for diving.

Just after Hernandez's winner, a steward in front of Chelsea fans appeared to be hit by an object and fell to the ground. He was still receiving treatment as the match ended.

Chelsea had not lost at Stamford Bridge in a league match to United since Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003, and he watched in frustration as his side's comeback counted for nothing.

Chelsea will have a chance for revenge on Wednesday when the teams meet again in the League Cup here.

Early on, Chelsea appeared to be missing captain John Terry, who was serving the second game of his four-match ban for racially abusing an opponent.

After just four minutes, United ripped through Chelsea's defense down the right with Young laying the ball off to Rooney, who squared to Van Persie in the penalty area.

The Netherlands striker's shot came off the post but it bounced off Luiz into the net.

Chelsea's brittle back line was sliced through again in the 12th when Rafael da Silva was given too much space to storm down the right flank unchallenged.

The defender slipped the ball through to Antonio Valencia, who crossed to the unmarked Van Persie to sweep in his ninth United goal since arriving in August.

United was playing with confidence, pinging the ball across the turf with ease and precession.

Chelsea took time to assert itself on the visitors, but kept United goalkeeper David de Gea busy for the rest of the half.

It took an outstretched right foot from the Spanish goalkeeper to keep out Luiz's free kick while Jonny Evans turned the ball onto the post as he attempted to block John Obi Mikel's effort.

And from the resulting corner, De Gea's feet were again the barrier as Gary Cahill's header was blocked.

Torres, though, was struggling to find the target, although he drew a fine, one-handed save from a header.

The pressure paid off for Chelsea a minute before the break,

Eden Hazard was brought down on the edge of the penalty area by Rooney, who earned his first booking of the season. Mata superbly curled the free kick inside the post to haul Chelsea back in contention.

The momentum was with Chelsea - and continued after the break as United's defense was the one to be exposed.

The equalizer came eight minutes into the second half as United failed to close down Chelsea's fluid attacking play.

Mata took the ball to the byline and found space to whip in a cross that Torres headed across to Oscar.

The Brazilian then chipped across to Ramires, who rose above Tom Cleverley to head past De Gea.

As the hosts continued to harry the United defense, Hazard wasted a chance to put them in front when De Gea's boot blocked his effort.

But Chelesa was reduced to 10 men in the 63rd when Ivanovic brought down Young, halting his advance to goal.

Six minutes later, referee Mark Clattenburg infuriated Chelsea again as Torres was dismissed.

The Spain striker received a second yellow card after being adjudged to have gone down too easily under Evans' challenge.

Hernandez restored United's lead in the 75th, 10 minutes after replacing Cleverely.

Van Persie's initial shot appeared to be creeping into the bottom right of the net after Cech got a touch to it but the goalkeeper hacked the ball away.

It fell to Rafael, whose shot was turned into the net by Hernandez, although the striker later accepted he might have been offside.

? 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Don't give Wondo an asterisk

PST: It's no fluke that Chris Wondolowski scored his 27th goal to tie a MLS single-season mark as San Jose tied Portland 1-1 on Saturday.


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Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion

SAN DIEGO (AP) ? Move over vampires, goblins and haunted houses, this kind of Halloween terror aims to shake up even the toughest warriors: An untold number of so-called zombies are coming to a counterterrorism summit attended by hundreds of Marines, Navy special ops, soldiers, police, firefighters and others to prepare them for their worst nightmares.

"This is a very real exercise, this is not some type of big costume party," said Brad Barker, president of Halo Corp, a security firm hosting the Oct. 31 training demonstration during the summit at a 44-acre Paradise Point Resort island on a San Diego bay. "Everything that will be simulated at this event has already happened, it just hasn't happened all at once on the same night. But the training is very real, it just happens to be the bad guys we're having a little fun with."

Hundreds of military, law enforcement and medical personnel will observe the Hollywood-style production of a zombie attack as part of their emergency response training.

In the scenario, a VIP and his personal detail are trapped in a village, surrounded by zombies when a bomb explodes. The VIP is wounded and his team must move through the town while dodging bullets and shooting back at the invading zombies. At one point, some members of the team are bit by zombies and must be taken to a field medical facility for decontamination and treatment.

"No one knows what the zombies will do in our scenario, but quite frankly no one knows what a terrorist will do," Barker said. "If a law enforcement officer sees a zombie and says, 'Freeze, get your hands in the air!' What's the zombie going to do? He's going to moan at you. If someone on PCP or some other psychotic drug is told that, the truth is he's not going to react to you."

The keynote speaker beforehand will be a retired top spook ? former CIA Director Michael Hayden.

"No doubt when a zombie apocalypse occurs, it's going to be a federal incident, so we're making it happen," Barker said. Since word got out about the exercise, they've had calls from "every whack job in the world" about whether the U.S. government is really preparing for a zombie event.

Called "Zombie Apocalypse," the exercise follows the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's campaign launched last year that urged Americans to get ready for a zombie apocalypse, as part of a catchy, public health message about the importance of emergency preparedness.

The Homeland Security Department jumped on board last month, telling citizens if they're prepared for a zombie attack, they'll be ready for real-life disasters like a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake or terrorist attack. A few suggestions were similar to a few of the 33 rules for dealing with zombies popularized in the 2009 movie "Zombieland," which included "always carry a change of underwear" and "when in doubt, know your way out."

San Diego-based Halo Corp. founded by former military special ops and intelligence personnel has been hosting the annual counterterrorism summit since 2006.

The five-day Halo counterterrorism summit is an approved training event by the Homeland Security Grant Program and the Urban Areas Security Initiative, which provide funds to pay for the coursework on everything from the battleground tactics to combat wounds to cybersecurity. The summit has a $1,000 registration fee and runs Oct. 29-Nov 2.

Conferences attended by government officials have come under heightened scrutiny following an inspector general's report on waste and abuse at a lavish 2010 Las Vegas conference that led to the resignation of General Services Administrator Martha Johnson. The Las Vegas conference featured a clown, a mind-reader and a rap video by an employee who made fun of the spending.

Joe Newman, spokesman of the watchdog organization Project on Government Oversight, said he does not see the zombie exercise as frivolous.

"We obviously are concerned about any expenditure that might seem frivolous or a waste of money but if they tie things together, there is a lesson there," Newman said. "Obviously we're not expecting a zombie apocalypse in the near future, but the effects of what might happen in a zombie apocalypse are probably similar to the type of things that happen in natural disasters and manmade disasters. They're just having fun with it. We don't have any problems with it as a teaching point."

Defense analyst Loren Thompson agreed.

"The defining characteristics of zombies are that they're unpredictable and resilient. That may be a good way to prepare for what the Pentagon calls asymmetric warfare," Thompson said.

Organizers can also avoid the pitfalls of using a mock enemy who could be identified by nationality, race or culture ? something that could potentially be seen as offensive.

"I can think of a couple of countries where the local leaders are somewhat zombie-like," he joked. "But nobody is going to take this personally."


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Timeline of comments on attack on US Consulate

FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 file photo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on as President Barack Obama delivers a statement on the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. Witness accounts gathered by The Associated Press give a from-the-ground perspective for the sharply partisan debate in the U.S. over the deadly incident. They corroborate the conclusion largely reached by American officials that it was a planned militant assault. But they also suggest the militants may have used a film controversy as a cover for the attack. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 file photo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on as President Barack Obama delivers a statement on the death of U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. Witness accounts gathered by The Associated Press give a from-the-ground perspective for the sharply partisan debate in the U.S. over the deadly incident. They corroborate the conclusion largely reached by American officials that it was a planned militant assault. But they also suggest the militants may have used a film controversy as a cover for the attack. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 file photo, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney arrives to make comments on the killing of U.S. embassy officials in Benghazi, Libya, during an appearance in Jacksonville, Fla. Witness accounts gathered by The Associated Press give a from-the-ground perspective for the sharply partisan debate in the U.S. over the deadly incident. They corroborate the conclusion largely reached by American officials that it was a planned militant assault. But they also suggest the militants may have used a film controversy as a cover for the attack. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(AP) ? Here is a timeline of comments by the administration and Libyan officials on what they believed happened in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, beginning the night of the assault and continuing through September.

Republicans have criticized the administration for its description of the attack, suggesting they insisted it was a protest over a film that insulted the Prophet Muhammad because acknowledging it was a terror attack would have affected the presidential campaign. The administration says it gave out the information it had, as it became available, and has strongly objected to the accusation that its messaging was politically motivated.

Sept. 11, 2012:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a statement on the attack on Benghazi, notes that "some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet."

Sept. 12:

From the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama calls Benghazi an "outrageous and shocking attack." He says the U.S. rejects efforts to denigrate religious beliefs of others, but that there is no justification "to this type of senseless violence." He adds that "no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation..."

Later, at a campaign event in Las Vegas, Obama sends a message to "anybody who would do us harm: No act of terror will dim the light of the values that we proudly shine on the rest of the world, and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the United States of America."

Clinton, in a statement, condemns what she calls a "vicious and violent attack." She says later, "This was an attack by a small and savage group ? not the people or Government of Libya." She says that "as long as there are those who would take innocent life in the name of God, the world will never know a true and lasting peace."

Sept. 13:

At a campaign event in Colorado, Obama again says, "To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished."

In Washington, Clinton addresses the "video circulating on the Internet that has led to these protests in a number of countries." She later returns to the "small and savage group in Benghazi" and says again "some seek to justify this behavior as a response to inflammatory, despicable material posted on the Internet."

In Libya, Wanis el-Sharef, then eastern Libya's deputy interior minister, said the attacks were suspected to have been timed to mark the 9/11 anniversary and that the militants used civilians protesting an anti-Islam film as cover for their action. Infiltrators within the security forces may have tipped off militants to the safe house location, he said.

Sept. 14:

At the repatriation ceremony for the victims of the attacks, Clinton calls Benghazi a "heavy assault" and adds: "We've seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with."

Sept. 15:

In his weekly address, Obama stresses that the U.S. "has a profound respect for people of all faiths" and rejects the denigration of Islam. "Yet there is never any justification for violence," he says. "There is no excuse for attacks on our embassies and consulates."

Sept. 16:

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, goes on morning shows at NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and CNN. Based on the administration's best information, she says, the Benghazi attack was a "spontaneous ? not a premeditated ? response" to the anti-video protests in Cairo. A small number of protesters came to the consulate "and then as that unfolded, it seems to have been hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons," she said. Rice called the attack a "direct result of a heinous and offensive video that was widely disseminated, that the U.S. government had nothing to do with." She said the U.S. had no information at the time "that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplanned."

In Libya, interim President Mohammed el-Megarif said: "It was planned, definitely. It was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago. And they were planning this criminal act since their arrival."

Sept. 18:

Clinton says U.S. and Libya are working closely together to bring to justice those who "murdered" the four Americas in Benghazi. She notes that in a number of places where protests have turned violent, "we are seeing the hand of extremists who are trying to exploit people's inflamed passions for their own agendas." She cites Clapper's assessment that the U.S. had no actionable intelligence that an attack in Benghazi was planned or imminent.

Sept. 19:

Matthew Olsen, the national counterterrorism center director, tells the Senate committee on homeland security and government affairs that the Benghazi events were a "terrorist attack."

Sept. 20:

At a town hall event in Miami, Obama says what we've seen over the last week-and-a-half "is an offensive video or cartoon directed at the prophet Muhammad. And this is obviously something that then is used as an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts directed at Westerners or Americans." He says the U.S. is investigating, and that the circumstances differ in each country. But, he adds, "What we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm U.S. interests."

Sept. 21:

Clinton calls Benghazi a "terrorist attack."

Sept. 26:

At a U.N. event focusing on Africa's Sahel region, Clinton says al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and other groups "have launched attacks and kidnappings from northern Mali into neighboring countries." She says terrorists are "working with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transitions underway in North Africa, as we tragically saw in Benghazi."

Oct. 26:

Obama administration officials defend their response to the attack amid new claims that the White House failed to send help quickly enough as militants overran the mission.

In response to a report alleging that security officers working for the CIA in Benghazi heard the attack but were twice told to wait before rushing to the compound, CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood says the CIA "reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that terrible evening in Benghazi."

Associated Press


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

AAR HR Business Partner Job in Kenya | Kenyan Jobs - A ...

Almost every success story is born out of meek beginnings, Ours is of a company that begun by evacuating medical and accident casualties, back in 1984.?

Since then we have expanded our service provision by growing our client portfolio to over 140,000 members and opened 18 health centres across East Africa.?

Today we enjoy the status of being the largest, most successful private healthcare company in this region and have recently entered into the general insurance market.

We credit this remarkable success not only to our innovativeness and unmatched quality service delivery, but to the men and women who provide it.?

We offer careers that enable individuals to be creative, explore together, access continuous learning opportunities and subsequently realise a rewarding career.

We require capable people who seek more than just a job, but a rewarding career in the following position:

Job Number: REF/AAR/26102012/HR Business Partner
Category: Human Resource

HR Business Partner

Job Skills: Computer Literacy


  • Work closely with the Country Head and senior management team to identify the current and future needs of the business and design HR & OD strategies, plans, and interventions to ensure the department is equipped to achieve them.
  • Support the Country Head and provide the strategic interface between Group HR and the SBU to embed a strategic approach to HR management and development that results in a more effective front line delivery.
  • Engage with and develop proactive relationships with the Shared Services Centre, particularly in relation to the transactional HR and payroll teams.
  • Regularly update the transactional HR staff in the Shared Services on developments in pay, conditions of employment, training courses, leave and other aspects of HR administration.
  • Facilitate coaching, mentoring and feedback to the in-country senior management team, managers and staff to improve individual and organisational performance.
  • Work flexibly across service areas and with partners to achieve the objectives of the SBU.
  • Support organisational change by ensuring that the appropriate systems of performance and development, communications, monitoring and review are in place.
  • Work as part of multi-disciplinary project team to enable the breaking down of divisional and departmental barriers and to encourage the seamless operation of both internal and external partnership.
  • Manage talent in relation to the current and future business manpower planning, including the need for specific competencies, knowledge and skills and experience to enable the business achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Develop, promote and implement the full range of workforce, succession planning and talent management strategies that will support the delivery of business requirements.
  • Contribute to the development and review of Business Plans/Strategies for the SBU.
  • Support and guide the SBU in the proactive implementation of corporate HR policies and procedures.
  • Drive and facilitate an effective performance management system in the SBU by creating and maintaining a high performance culture to improve organisational capability and staff capabilities.
  • Work with the management team to identify opportunities for productivity improvements, through? review of organizational structures, streamlining of business processes, continuous improvement, and performance management.
  • Act as a catalyst for change and innovation by driving cultural change to transform service delivery, improving organizational effectiveness, and embedding corporate values; and facilitating organizational/cultural change.
  • Review HR KPIs in order to identify required improvements and provide updates to the Country Head of Healthcare on the extent to which requirements were met.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor?s degree in Human Resource Management, Social Sciences or a business related degree
  • HR professional training and certification at Diploma level
  • 5 ? 7 years of hands-on experience with at least 2 years in a management position
  • Sound knowledge of country labour laws
  • Good understanding of HR management? principles and practices
  • Good working experience of HRMIS and MS office is a must
  • Demonstrable commercial awareness capability
  • Demonstrable employee relations skills

Personal Skills and Attributes

  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to integrate information from a variety of sources
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to adapt or change to new situations.

Interested and qualified applicants should send their applications, current CV with 3 professional referees to before close of business Friday 2 November 2012


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TrackBack - MS Estate Planning

Borrowing out equity is especially useful for real estate. ?This troublesome asset has a difficult characteristic: real estate cannot be moved. ?Therefore, it will always be subject to the jurisdiction of the local judges and juries.

A few years back, an arm of the government had received word of continuous drug activity in apartment complexes. ?Based on a telephone call, this arm of the federal government conducted raids and found illegal drugs in the apartment complexes and commenced to seize the apartment complexes, under valid drug forfeiture laws. ?The apartment complexes with heavy indebtedness were not seized, as there was no equity. ?The real travesty of the story is that most of the calls reporting drug activity were from the apartment managers and owners to the police seeking help to rid the apartment complexes of drugs. ?The lesson of the story is that third party indebtedness will be?respected.

Excerpt from The Complete Guide to Estate and Financial Planning in Turbulent Times (Collaborative Press, 2011) - Walt Dallas, Contributing Author

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For more information on Madison and Jackson MS Wills Trusts and other Estate Planning please visit our website.

For a Video on Health Care Directive please visit our website.



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Full moon could make Sandy's impact worse

Heaven and Earth may be aligning to turn Hurricane Sandy into a real monster, just in time for Halloween.

Forecasters expect Sandy to make landfall along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States on Monday or Tuesday. It may merge with a separate tempest hitting the region at about that time, creating an immensely powerful "Frankenstorm" whose effects could be magnified by the full moon.

When the moon waxes to its full phase Monday afternoon, high tides along the Eastern Seaboard will rise about 20 percent higher than normal, even without the help of Sandy's storm surge, said Joe Rao, a meteorologist for News 12 in Westchester, N.Y. (Storm surges occur when a hurricane's winds push the water surface above normal levels.)

  1. Science news from

    1. Sleuth finds the truth in ghost stories

      Science editor Alan Boyle's blog: Paranormal investigator Joe Nickell has busted a lot of ghostly myths over the past 40 years ? but the spookiest part of his job comes when he actually catches a ghost red-handed.

    2. How to eat a Triceratops in 4 easy steps
    3. Why dinosaurs showed off their feathers
    4. Fukushima fish still radioactive

"Add a big storm, and the full moon will only serve to exacerbate the situation by helping to accentuate the higher-than-normal water levels, possibly leading to moderate or major coastal flooding and beach erosion," Rao told OurAmazingPlanet via email.

A gravitational lag usually causes the highest tides to come a day or two after every full moon, he added.

"So the worst coastal flooding wrought by Sandy might actually come on Tuesday, all depending on exactly where and when the storm makes landfall," said Rao, who is also the Night Sky Columnist for OurAmazingPlanet sister site [ How to Prepare for Hurricane Sandy ]

At full moon, the Earth, sun and moon are arranged in a line, with Earth in the middle. Tidal ranges are especially high at this time because the gravitational tugs of the sun and moon on our planet reinforce each other. The same effect is felt at new moon, when the three bodies all line up, with the moon between Earth and the sun.

Indeed, tides at the new and full moons are called "spring tides." The term has nothing to do with the season; it comes from the German verb "springen," which means "to spring up," Rao said.

Full and new moons have magnified storm impacts in the past, such as during the devastating "Ash Wednesday" tempest that rocked the U.S. East Coast in March 1962. The moon was full when this storm hit, but it was also at perigee ? the point in its orbit when it comes closest to Earth ? making things even worse.

A close lunar approach is one thing folks in Sandy's path don't have to worry about ? small comfort, perhaps, but it's something.

"If there is any saving grace in this upcoming situation regarding Sandy, it is that Monday's full moon comes less than three days before it arrives at apogee (farthest from the Earth)," Rao said.

Mike Wall is a senior writer for, follow him on Twitter@michaeldwall. Follow OurAmazingPlanet on Twitter @OAPlanet. We're also on Facebook and Google+.

? 2012 OurAmazingPlanet. All rights reserved. More from OurAmazingPlanet.


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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ever heard of Euless?: Sammy the Suicidal Fish

This is Sammy:


Yes, he?s a fish.? Why am I writing a story about a fish? Because it?s worth telling!

For the last three years, we?ve been raising children, not pets. Hubby and I have discussed at great lengths the idea of a pet.? But cats make me sneeze, and I just don?t like them. I love the idea of a dog, but #1- I already have 2 littles around the house that I have to stress about bodily functions with, and #2 ? I?d much rather carve out space in my budget for diapers than for dog food. So, no, on a dog.? Birds are too noisy. The idea of keeping mice or other rodents just doesn?t work for me. And don?t even get me started on the idea of a snake.


So that left us with one good choice: fish.


We?ve had fish before. But we haven?t had any since we moved out of Euless.? So two months ago, we finally decided to buy a tank. Hubby came home with a nice 20 gallon set up and we filled it up.


And waited.


And waited.


And waited for that stupid thing to cycle. See, the thing is, if you just fill a tank up with water and dump in some fish, they will die. You have to wait until you have enough good bacteria for the water to be healthy.

After 6 weeks of waiting, the tank was finally ready. An last Saturday we headed as a family to the store to pick out our pets.

An hour later (after a 30 minute screaming fest, courtesy of ?Lil), we had our selections in the tank. We picked out 2 neon tetras, 2 male guppies, and 1 glofish. All species we had experience with.? And all was well.


Until we realized that the glofish was a bully. He chased those guppies everywhere.? He wouldn?t let the other fish eat. And he just was a nuisance. We?ve never had that problem with fish before.? After thinking about it, we decided it was because the glofish wanted someone to school with, and we needed to buy more.? But those silly fish are $5 each! (they were on sale the week we bought them, but of course not now!) Slightly grumbling, we decided to go pick up one more that day.? After we made the decision, that dumb fish was just bugging everyone else so much (and the other fish were starting to appear sick), I decided to take it out of the tank until it had a friend to play with.

I grabbed a large bowl, filled it with tank water, and grabbed the net.? Anyone who has ever actually tried to catch a fish in one of those nets will be able to visualize the scene that occurred next. Eventually, I emerged victorious, dumped the stupid thing in the bowl, and went to tell Hubby what I had done.


I sat down to try and eat breakfast for the third time that day.? Hubby came into the room and looked in the bowl.

?Where did you put that fish?? he asked.

?In that bowl.?

?What bowl, there?s no fish in this one.?

?WHAT DO YOU MEAN there?s no fish. I put that glofish in there.?

?There is no fish in this bowl. Did you check the net??

?Of COURSE I checked the net. I put the fish in the water, and he was swimming around like crazy, totally hyper.?

?Well, there?s no fish there now.?

?What did it do, jump out??

We looked on the floor. We looked in the bowl. We looked back in the tank. Eventually we found a small puddle next to the bowl, and a track of water leading . . . back behind my awesome dresser!

Sammy the suicidal fish had jumped ship.

At this point we were both worried about the smell of a decomposing fish more than the idea of a rescue. After all, it had been about 5 minutes since he?d jumped out of the water.? Adding a 20 gallon tank to the top of a large dresser made it very hard to move. Eventually Hubby succeeded, and much to his surprise, Sammy was still flopping around. He quickly put the fish back in the water, and to everyone's surprise, Sammy started swimming around like nothing had happened.





He doesn?t bother the other fish anymore.


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5 Ways Sex Makes Us Smarter | YourTango

5 Ways Sex Makes Us Smarter
Exercise your brain cells with some sexual activity.

Sex on the brain just might make you a genius.

Here's one major reason I studied communications as an undergraduate and not the sciences: Research seems to always contradict itself.

More from YourTango: This Is Freedom: Couple Kisses Amid Anti-Gay Protests

Of course, the fact that I find science impossibly difficulty is at the top of the list, but still. It seems just yesterday I was reading that just the sight of a sexy woman can make even the brightest man lose 50 IQ points. Today, however, I'm reporting that sex can actually make you smarter.

Yes, researchers at the University of Amsterdam are all about the benefits of a little bit of bump and grind. Sure, a pair of big boobs may make a man forget his name, but maybe the art of doing it is actually a cure?

Here are five ways sex can boost your spirits ? and your brain cells.

1. Mental Capacity. In the most recent University of Amsterdam study, participants who thought about sex performed better on critical thinking problems. Perhaps this is why men are constantly thinking with their heads rather than their brains (ha! Pun).

2. Happiness. Let's start calling semen happy juice, because a SUNY Albany study found it has mood-altering chemicals such as oxytocin.

3. Stress Relief. Careers, kids, bills, replacement refs in the NFL ? everything causes stress. But you know what boosts it? Oxytocin. There's that magical word again! The chemical kicks in 20 seconds after a kiss, so just imagine the benefits of a full romp in the sheets.

4. Self Esteem. Sex! It feels good! And when good feelings are abound, self-esteem shoots through the roof. Though I'm no scientist (see above), I'd imagine high self-esteem has some pretty positive effects on our day-to-day functioning.

More from YourTango: Drinking As A Couple: Do Or Don't?

5. Sleep. Hey, here's that dang oxytocin word again. Aside from lifting spirits and relieving stress, it apparently promotes sleep. A well-rested lady or gent is a smarter one, yes?

More juicy content from YourTango:


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