Monday, July 1, 2013

The Continued Mediocrity of Google Plus


Google may be the mother of all search engines, but when it comes to social skills, the company is still sorely lacking. If success in the social network stratosphere is measured by page views, time spent, and overall activity, Google+ can't hold a candle to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

But while traditional metrics may not currently be kind to Google's two-year-old social offering, there just might be a silver lining.

With over 500 million profiles, there's no shortage of sign-ups and data; just frequency and overall time spent. Smart businesses, however, see Google+ not as a social mecca, but a SEO must-have. Since data on the social network is directly tied into Google's uber-popular search engine, there's plenty of big reasons every business should have at least a modest presence. But what will the future bring for Google+? Will it turn Facebook into the next MySpace, or will the SEO boon be its only true touted success?

The Cracks in the Armor
While it's fair to say the Google+ rollout has been slow and steady, two years is a long time to operate a massive social network without seeing any substantial successes. Signs that things are not as rosy as they could be lie in the staleness of content across the network. A look through the Google+ pages for major US brands shows a veritable graveyard of content. As an example, this last Cinco de Mayo, pizza giant Dominos launched a full scale marketing event on its Facebook page, complete with guacamole-themed pizza. A quick peek at their Google+ page showed content that hadn't been updated since October of 2012. You could almost hear the crickets chirping.

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